Firedoors & Ashdoors

Unloading or loading an old wood heating system can be a pain, but most new models will have advanced firedoors and ashdoors that are designed to make the job easier. One of the problems of filling a wood-fuelled system is that smoke and heat can escape, and also become a hazard to the person opening it. Escaping smoke is a sign that the burner is not being used to its full potential, and can also cause breathing problems if inhaled. Using a system with a specially designed smoke guard will stop excess and harmful smoke from filling the air when the loading door is opened. This also traps the heat and smoke within the system, forcing it to be pulled back through the combustion system and burned as energy rather than wasted. This will mean better efficiency with each piece of wood and cleaner emissions coming out of the boiler.

Another problem caused by older boilers is the issue of removing the ash and soot from the system. Very old systems would require removing this from underneath the burning fuels which was hazardous and difficult to do. Luckily, systems have evolved greatly and now allow for the easy and safe removal of ash as well as making combustion more effective to use as much of this as possible as energy. Some of the most advanced systems now require ash removal only once a month. This is good news for those who have little time to maintain and clean the equipment but still want to benefit from cheaper energy sources.

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