Fire Chief Wood Furnace

Selecting a New Fire Chief Furnace

Fire Chief has been manufacturing high quality coal- and wood-burning furnaces for over three decades. The attention to detail, reliable function, and ease of use has distinguished the Fire Chief wood furnace from similar appliances offered by other manufacturers. Indoor and outdoor furnaces are available in a range of sizes to meet a diversity of home heating needs.

Why choose a Fire Chief product?

Fire Chief heating products are distinguished by their ease of use, exceptional quality, and powerful output.

• Ease of use: The pre-wired system present on 95% of Fire Chief products makes your new furnace a snap to install. Features such as digital wall thermometers and automatic draft control distinguish many of the most popular Fire Chief wood stove products.

• Exceptional quality: The roller grate system present in Fire Chief furnaces features 360 degrees of cast iron; this system comes with a limited lifetime guarantee so you can be sure that it has been built to last. The Fire boxes have a five year warranty and the blower motors have a two year warranty.

• Powerful output: While other furnace manufacturers choose to use blower motors with an energy output of only 1/8 or 1/10 horsepower, each Fire Chief wood furnace contains a blower motor with a power output of 1/3 horsepower for the maximum responsiveness.

Indoors and outdoors

Fire Chief produces furnaces for indoor and outdoor use. Indoor models include the FC300F, FC450, FC500E, FC700E, and FC1100E. The outdoor Fire Chief wood stove models are the FC1600D, FC1800D, and FC2200D. The furnaces are pre-wired for quick and easy assembly; most models arrive self-installed, too.

A tradition you can depend on

All Fire Chief furnaces are capable of accepting wood or coal fuel; each Fire Chief wood furnace has been tested to comply with UL391, the national standard for biomass combustion systems (wood- or coal-burning furnaces). The company is based in Saint Louis and each unit is proudly made in the United States.

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