Fire Chief Indoor Wood Furnace

Fire Chief Indoor Wood Furnace

Your New Indoor Wood Furnace

The Fire Chief name has been known for generations as the brand people can trust for a dependable, long lasting furnace. These reliable appliances can produce a considerable amount of heat yet are still easy to control and maintain. Selecting your new Fire Chief indoor wood furnace is easy; just refer to the specs listed below to get to know these quality heaters.

Compact and powerful

The smallest Fire Chief indoor wood furnace is the FC500E. It can produce a maximum of 100,000 BTUs which is enough to heat approximately 1500 – 2000 square feet of space. It can accommodate logs of up to 22” long; the door is 13” x 14”. The FC500E also features:

• Three blower speeds

• Firebox volume of 7.1 cubic feet

• Digital thermostat

• Five year warranty on the firebox

• Two year warranty on the blower and electrical elements

• Lifetime warranty on casting and grates

A balance of convenience and power

The FC700E is the second in the line of Fire Chief indoor furnaces. This unit can heat 2500 – 3500 square feet and has a power output of 150,000 BTUs. It can hold logs up to 28” long. The FC700E also has:

• 8.9 cubic feet firebox capacity

• Convenient digital wall thermostat draft control

• Three speed blower

• The same competitive warranty package as the FC500E

Like other Fire Chief indoor furnaces, the FC700E comes pre-wired for quick and easy assembly.

Size and strength

The largest in the Fire Chief line of indoor wood furnaces is the FC1100E. All Fire Chief furnaces, including the FC1100E, can accept wood and coal fuel. This model is distinguished by:

• 3500 – 5000 square foot heating area

• Maximum BTU output of 200,000

• 11.3 cubic ft firebox that can hold logs up to 34” long

• Three blower speeds

• The same leading warranty package as the FC500E and FC700E

You should select your new Fire Chief indoor wood furnace based on how much space you need to heat. The three indoor furnace sizes will help keep any home comfortable throughout the year.

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