Electrical Controls

Using a wood burner is simple, especially on the models that have electric controls. These devices have a wood burning portion and an electric thermostat to allow for maximum control when heating the house. Each year, people who switch to using wood fuel save high percentages on their heating bills and still benefit from season-long heat in their home. Wood burning stoves and boilers are also extremely safe, and come with warranties, guarantees and rigorous safety checks to make sure they are going to give full satisfaction to the consumer.

The benefit of using a wood boiler with electric controls is that it can be used with or without wood fuel. This means that those who do not wish to be hauling logs from outside during the coldest days can simply turn on the electric portion and enjoy prolonged heating in their home until they are ready to load up the wood boiler again. Some burners have an automatic setting that switches it to electric when the heat from the wood is not sustaining the desired temperature in the home. This means one less worry for the homeowner who may wish to use wood-fueled heating systems in the house but is concerned about needing to keep it fuelled.

Installing these combination heaters requires knowledge, as there is the chance of carbon monoxide being leaked into the home if done incorrectly. Anyone wanting to install a wood-fueled system or a combination boiler should invest in a trained professional to install it for them, and should also invest in a detector that can monitor carbon monoxide levels.

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