Wood Stove Water Coils

Wood Stove Water Coils

Using Wood Stove Water Coils In Your Home

A wood stove is a great way to save money while you heat your home during the winter. If your wood stove is placed in the center of a main room, it can provide a warm, cozy atmosphere where your family will love to gather. One of the challenges that people have faced with wood stoves is that the heat distribution is largely centralized, so it is much warmer where the stove is located, leaving outlying rooms cool and uncomfortable. In the last several years, people have designed a number of ways to incorporate a wood stove into a more effective home heating system. When you use wood stove water coils, you introduce another level of heating efficiency into your home.

Water Heating Options

There are many wood stoves that can be connected into an existing air duct system so that the heat distribution is more even throughout the house. In addition to heating air, wood stoves can be used to heat water. Hot water can be used in a radiant heating system that runs through the floor, which is a great way to evenly heat your home while still saving considerable amount on your monthly utilities bills. Another option is to use wood stove water coils for hot water for showers, cooking and other things. As you consider using your wood stove to heat water, you have two distinct options that can save you money every month.

Safety Tips

Installing wood stove water coils pose some serious safety risks if you don’t know what you are doing. You may want to hire a professional plumber to do the work unless you feel extremely confident about your own plumbing abilities. Here are a few safety concerns and considerations that you should be aware of before using your wood stove to heat water.

• An improperly designed hot water heating system can cause a serious explosion.

• A convection flow system is generally considered to be the safest because it doesn’t rely on electricity or any type of pump and doesn’t contribute to the buildup of pressure.

•Make sure you install several relief valves can help to avoid excessive pressure buildup.

• The water storage tank should also be appropriately sized in order to avoid overheating and to compensate for the slow heat recovery rate.

There are a number of benefits to using wood stove water coils in your home, but there are also a number of safety risks as well. As a homeowner, it is also important to make sure that your home insurance covers the system that you choose. By carefully and safely incorporating hot water heating into your wood stove, you can live more efficiently.

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