Coal Stoves

Burning coal in coal stoves is a great way to reduce the monthly heating bills without reducing the comfort and warmth within a home. Many people think that heating appliances such as stoves are not going to be adequate to heat their house, but the truth is coal is almost two times cheaper than using pellets and heats the home perfectly, regardless of size. Some say that the heat generated from a coal heater is unlike anything else on the market, and the difference in quality and intensity can be felt the moment you step in through the door.

The maintenance needed for coal stoves is average for any type of stove unit, and those who use them estimate this at about 15 minutes per day. A coal unit will need shaking and refueling twice a day as well as removing the ash once per day, but this is much less time involvement than a wood burner. It can also heat a home to a steady temperature upwards of 70 degrees all year round for around $1000, with no need to have it connected to any energy source. This is good news for those who live in areas with outages or simply want to reduce their reliance on electrical power.

The fuel is often a concern of those buying a new stove. Coal has a reputation for being sooty and requiring plenty of cleaning, whereas other options may sound like the better choices. Again, there is little truth to this, especially with most modern furnaces that feature a second combustion area, as these convert much more of the coal to energy, leaving less soot residue and creating less ash to clear up. No additional storage needs to be erected for keeping wood logs or pellets dry, as coal can be kept anywhere – even in heavy rain. This means less worry and stress when buying new fuel, and more tie to relax and enjoy the warmth.

For those who are worried that the costs may not add up for them, there are many cost calculators online that allow for easy calculations of how much the overall cost will be, how much time will need to be invested, and even how much the savings will be when compared to the current gas bills. Most people agree that switching from central gas heating to coal stoves was the best decision they ever made.

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