Fireplace Cleaning and Maintenance

Fireplace Cleaning and Maintenance

Fireplace Cleaning and Maintenance

Five Steps to Keep Your Fireplace Clean

If you have a fireplace, then you know how nice it can be to sit around the warm blaze during those cold winter months. However, you also know that keeping a fireplace clean is not exactly fun. However, if you follow a few simple steps then fireplace cleaning can be much easier.

• Step 1: The first thing you want to do is prepare for a mess. Get yourself a good pair of rubber or latex gloves because you are going to get dirty. You should also lay newspaper or another type of protective cover on the area just outside your fireplace.

• Step 2: You need to make sure there are no hot spots in the fireplace by holding your hand over the surface as well as using a poker to sift through the debris.

• Step 3: Before you start scraping you need to make sure the flue is open. When it is, let the scraping begin. Using a metal circular chimney brush is the best tool. Make sure you don’t go easy. Scrub hard and deep to get the area fully clean.

• Step 4: Gently pick up all the ground cover being careful not to spill any of the debris. Wrap it up tightly than dispose of it properly in your garbage can.

• Step 5: Lastly, give the fireplace one last wipe down, and then replace anything that you removed from the area. Close the flue and your done; your fireplace is ready to burn again.

Do it Right

Fireplace cleaning can be a messy chore, but by following these simple steps fireplace maintenance can be made a lot easier.

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