Clayton Wood Furnace

Clayton Wood Furnace

The Advantages Of A Clayton Wood Furnace

When the weather starts to turn colder, many people are looking for ways to reduce their overall heating costs, but still stay warm in the winter. Depending on where you live, you may not have access to affordable natural gas or other oils to heat your home. If that is the case, a great alternative is a wood stove, although this method may not be a perfect solution for everyone. If you have a large house or a vaulted ceiling, they often cannot heat your whole home, and you have to be around the whole time for it to continue working, because you have to feed it with fuel and ensure it has the right air mixture to continue operating efficiently.

A Growing Trend

With energy costs skyrocketing across the board, many homes have turned to wood or other fuel alternatives to heating oils and gases. This includes an increase in the use ofClayton stoves, such pellet stoves and wood or wood insert stoves. This is particularly true in areas with lower population levels or with good air quality ratings, where wood burning is allowed and will not contribute to higher pollution or poor air quality.

The Clayton Wood Furnace Option

Furnaces like the Clayton wood furnace once had a bad reputation for releasing smoke throughout the area. Today's models, though, are so much more efficient that they can often burn wood and maintain a higher level of efficiency than even some oil- or gas-burning furnaces, running at 90% efficiency in some cases.

The Versatility and Convenience of Clayton Wood Furnace

One of the greatest benefits of using a Clayton wood furnace is the ability to use it as a whole-home furnace. Or if you already have a furnace and you need to add capacity, this is one of the best models you can find. It is designed to be used as a standalone, or in conjunction with another furnace. In addition, it is designed to easily integrate with all of your existing ductwork so you won't have to undergo a major reconstruction effort to add this to your living space. Finally, it includes a separate door and ash pan to easily empty the ashes without making a mess.

Whole-Home Heating

If you have a larger home, most wood stoves do not provide adequate heat for the entire house, and you either have to have some rooms that lack heat, or buy and maintain multiple units. The Clayton wood furnaces are designed to heat a larger area, sometimes up to as much as 3,600 square feet, and can be installed outside the home, in a maintenance closet area, or in a basement. These furnaces include an adjustable thermostat that gives you the ability to control the release of heat and keep your living space at just the right temperature, not too hot or cold. If you prefer, you can also hook these units up to a water heater and use them to heat both the air and water in your home.

The Clayton wood furnace is a great solution for anyone looking for alternatives to oil and gas heating units, and provides a versatile, convenient way to lower your home energy costs by using the heating power of wood. If your heating needs don't fully necessitate a Clayton wood furnace, we encourage you to look at Clayton stoves as a more appropriate option.

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