Clayton Furnace Parts

Clayton Furnace Parts

Effective Heat, Easy Repair

Many Americans are looking for a more cost effective way to heat their homes. Traditionally, natural gas, and even oil, has been used to heat homes, but as the prices of natural gas and oil increase we feel it in our pocketbooks. Sure, economic turbulence has rocked the globe and it has shaken many with an increased financial awareness, but it alone is not the culprit in the resolve that so many feel to find a cheaper way to heat their homes. Finding abundant, inexpensive, and effective heat is a commodity that everyone can benefit from.

Wood Furnace Heating Statistics

Americans that are in search of that abundant and inexpensive fuel source are finding it in wood. They are also enjoying the effectiveness of this readily available fuel source. MSN reported that shipments in the first half of 2008 that were wood stove related increased 54%. The wood stoves reported included inserts that fit into existing fireplaces, along with regular wood stoves. Additionally, pellet stoves increased an astonishing 137%. Wood furnaces, such as the Clayton can provide a homeowner with reliable, affordable heat.

The Workings of a Wood Stove

Understanding how to properly maintain and repair a wood stove first involves knowing how a wood stove works. And while Clayton wood furnace parts can be readily available, it’s best to gain some insight about the stove first. Essentially, a wood stove is a box. The box is loaded with wood, which radiates heat when it is lit. The smoke and other gasses are transported to the great outdoors via the flue. Wood stoves are considered the most flexible and affordable of all wood-burning heaters.

So understanding how a wood stove works, you may now understand which Clayton wood furnace parts that you might need to have on hand. It’s particularly important to have some spare parts available if your wood stove is the only heat source in your home.

Wood Furnace Repairs

If you’re concerned that you may not readily find Clayton wood furnace parts, don’t be! There are online retailers as well as physical stores that carry replacement parts. As mentioned previously, it might be a good idea to have some parts on hand so you don’t have to run to the store or wait for them to be shipped. Some replacement parts that you might want to keep handy include:

• Handles

• Hinges

• Glass

• Blowers

• Fans

• Igniters

A blower, a fan, and an igniter may be the most expensive items on the list, but they are also the parts that make the wood stove work. Consider getting a spare even though they are a bit costly if wood stove heat is your only option.

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