Chimney Caps

For safety and efficiency, chimney caps are absolutely essential. Snow and rain can get into your chimney, contributing to creosote buildup, which has chimney fire written all over it. In addition to the elements, chimney caps keep birds and other critters out of your chimney. Further, chimney caps also help to prevent sparks and embers from getting out of your chimney and causing damage to your roof, trees or even neighbors' properties.

Chimney Liners

Not every chimney needs a liner, but when you do, they are absolutely essential. In some cases masonry chimneys can be damaged or come into disrepair with time. Adding a chimney liner lets you continue to safely use your chimney. In addition, if you are adding a new wood burner to your chimney, a properly-fitted chimney liner ensures a better draft and a more efficient burn.

Stove Pipes

Sometimes, your wood stove or fireplace is free-standing. As such, you need high-grade stove pipe to extend from your wood stove or fireplace to the masonry pipe or chimney pipe that will safe carry smoke from your home. Make sure your stove pipes are sized right for your wood burner and chimney or chimney pipe. Remember: Never use stove pipe as chimney pipe; they are build to different standards to handle different degrees of heat.

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