Wood Stove Buying Guide

While looking for a wood stove, think first of all in mind, what you need, to get from the wood stove. Keep the following questions in mind

1) How much space must be heated?
2) How often will the wood stove be used?
3) How much can I afford to spend?
4) Will very young children be present when the stove is in operation -- a possible safety hazard? Are there any other significant problems to consider, such as the ability of other family members to operate the stove when needed?
5) What safety equipment do you need? How much does that cost?
6) Will a wood stove be economical when compared other types of heating systems?
7) Should I buy a regular wood stove or pellet stove?

The size of the wood stove to be purchased depends upon the room to be heated. There are many types of wood stoves and hundreds of models from which to select, the buying process can be frustrating. One way to ease the process is to rely on the help of a knowledgeable and reliable wood stove dealer.
Keep these questions in minds when you choose both a dealer and a stove manufacturer:
1) Does the dealer carry lines from several different manufacturers, so I can compare the features?
2) How realistic are any claims made by a dealer about a particular product?
3) Can the dealer help me choose the right size stove and help me place it in the optimum location in my house?
4) Can the dealer deliver and install the product?
5) Can the dealer repair each model sold?

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