Furnace Buyers Guide

What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Furnace

When your furnace just can’t seem to keep up with winter’s icy grasp, you know that it is time to invest in something new. If you have never purchased a furnace before, you might be tempted to start out by calling furnace dealers in your area and jump right into getting bids. While this may seem like the easiest method, you can actually streamline the process by doing a little bit of preliminary research. By reading an online furnace buyers guide, you can get a better idea of the steps you should take when purchasing a furnace.

Furnace Size

The right furnace should have enough power to adequately heat a home, but not so much power that they have unnecessarily high power expenditure. A good sized furnace for your home should be based on the square footage of the home, the insulation, and the efficiency of doors and windows.

If you have noticed that there are rooms in the home that are consistently colder than the rest of the house, the problem may lie with the ductwork rather than with the furnace itself.

Furnace Efficiency

The efficiency of a furnace will make a big difference in the overall cost to heat your home. Also, an energy efficient furnace may also help you get a tax break. While older furnaces generally have between about a 55 and 75% efficiency rate, newer furnaces may be well above 90% efficient.

Furnace Features

In addition to knowing the furnace size and level of efficiency that you are looking at, there are a lot of features that you might want to consider. Extra features can increase the price of the furnace, but also make it easier to use or less expensive to operate.

Keep in mind that consulting a furnace buyers guide is no replacement for talking to an expert. Although a furnace buyers guide can help you know more about the different options that are available, an expert may be able to give you better direction regarding safety issues or installation in your home.

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