Bryan - Wood Furnace Manufacturers

Cost effective heating: If one has to have a supplementary home heater, but does not want the mess of ashes in the home, the hazard of a red-hot furnace in the living space or the cost of flues and fireproofing the ceiling or roof, the answer to all problems is the outdoor wood burning furnace.

Simplicity: The outdoor wood burning furnace is just like a window air conditioner, pulling cooler air from home and circulating it through the heat chamber and then redirecting it back into the home through a window mounted duct or through the existing duct work.

Easy to install: With the outdoor wood burning furnace, there is no modification to the home. Combustion is contained in a fireproof unit outside the dwelling. There would be no accidental contact with the furnace. All that enters the living space is clean, warm air.

Capacity: The outdoor wood burning furnace needs up to 30" logs and burns 8 to 12 hours with one fueling. The Residential Model 350 produces up to 90,000 BTU's and the Commercial Model 300 produces up to 130,000 BTU's.

The Combustion Air models have the same size and specifications as that of regular 300 and 350 models. A combustion air fan is installed under the extended fan cover enclosure. The fan replaces the gravity damper box that is located on the face of the door of the regular models. This look at the e means, it feeds air to the fire without the use of a damper. They have to be adjusted to fix outside to set the damper. The thermostat inside the home or building does the work for you. Includes an indoor wall mounted thermostat that is included with 50 feet of thermostat wire.


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