Wood Furnace Manufacturers

Wood Furnace Manufacturers

An Ideal Home Heating Solution!

Wood furnace manufacturers help you bring home the classic beauty of a crackling fire all year round. The comfortable glow of firelight makes any space more attractive and creates a more hospitable and welcoming environment for guests and family members alike. After the initial purchase of a wood furnace, each one is very affordable to operate. Wood is a natural resource that requires few middlemen to bring it to the customer; this allows sellers to keep their prices competitive. Numerous wood furnaces are approved by the EPA for low particle emissions, so your choice in home heating can also be environmentally sound.

What You Should Know About Your Wood Furnace

Wood furnace manufacturers have made their products very efficient and easy to use. The coil handles are cool to the touch, which allows additional logs to be added in short order. These furnaces are also easy to light, too, thanks to advancements in air flow design. Optional blowers push heated air out into the room, creating a toasty environment without delay. Furnace heat output is measured in BTUs; this stands for British thermal units. The higher the maximum BTU output, the more heat the furnace can generate and the greater space it can accommodate. This information is printed on each wood furnace manufacturer's models fact sheet.

A Furnace That’s Useful and Attractive

Wood furnace manufacturers know you want an efficient heating appliance that doesn’t require you to sacrifice style. Thus, these classic appliances have been brought up to date and will now look right at home inside any modern living space. Modern wood furnaces are considerably different from the clunky old fashioned models of many decades ago. Sleek contemporary designs fit nicely into basements, living rooms, and rec rooms. Large and small homes can be quickly and easily filled with the heat generated by one of these modern furnaces. It is worth noting that not all wood furnaces are approved for use in mobile and modular homes; though, there are many that are. They’re also very easy to use, even for people unfamiliar with wood burning appliances. Ash drawers are located just beneath the combustion chamber for quick cleaning. Blowers can be installed in a furnace to quickly force the warmed air into your space, allowing you to enjoy the perfect heat created by your brand new furnace.

To find the right wood furnace for your home, we encourage you to explore from the list of wood furnace manufacturers below.

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