Wood Furnace Blowers and Fans

When a furnace stops working, there are many parts including blowers that could have gone wrong. With so many moving parts inside of the unit, the only way to diagnose the problem is to look at it and check a few things, or get a qualified repairman to do the job instead for a small fee.

For those happy to check furnace blowers themselves, the first thing to do is ensure the unit is turned off completely and cooled down so that it does not pose a safety risk. Once this is done, it is always good practice to clean the unit before any further checks are completed. Furnaces often come with documentation on the best way to do this, and there are plenty of additional resources online that can also help. Checking the distribution (blowers), heat elements and controls should eventually highlight any problems. The main rule of thumb is to start with the simplest things first, such as checking that the power source was connected correctly and works and making sure settings are conducive to making the unit heat up. Checking the blower is a little more difficult, but can be done successfully with the right approach. The best step is to ask for professional advice online as to how to do this.

As with all heated or electrical devices, extreme caution needs to be used at all times to avoid accident or injury. This is why it is recommended to schedule specialist furnace servicing at least once a year before the unit is due to be used. It is also recommended to run the system before it gets cold enough to require it on at all times, as this will allow for the diagnosing of problems.

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