Wood Stove Blower Motors

Blower motors are important parts in modern furnaces as they move the cool or hot air from the unit into the area being regulated. These blowers, like all motors, eventually break down and need replacing, and in the heart of the coldest months this can be a long and expensive procedure. Knowing how to check and correctly assess the health of the part is an important part of furnace ownership.

The first thing to do before cold weather is expected is to thoroughly clean the unit. Depending on the model and where and when it was purchased, it may have come with documentation helping you do this, or you may be better off searching online for a digital version of the guide – this can be done by typing the brand and model into an internet search along with keywords such as ‘cleaning guide’. Another thing to do is to run the system and take note of whether it is running as expected, or if there seems to be a problem. It can help to listen carefully to the unit to see if the wood stove blower motor is making any unexpected noises.

Only those who are comfortable with home repairs should attempt to remove or service any parts of the furnace themselves. It is crucial to make sure that the unit has been completely turned off and disconnected from the power source before touching or opening any part of it. Because of the nature of a home wood or coal furnace, it is a much better idea to find a qualified and recommended serviceman in the local area to inspect the part, as this will be fairly low in cost and will give a better indication as to the health of the unit.

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