Blaze King - Wood Stove manufacturers

The Blaze King wood stove has many benefits over its nearest competitors. First of all, Blaze King uses a special bi metal coil thermostat. This is different from other wood stoves because they rely on dampers to control the temperature and flow of heat. Usually, Wood burns unevenly, creating a very uneven heat, but the Blaze King wood stove bimetal coil thermostat helps to control this. Another benefit of the Blaze King wood stove is its depth. Few of the models are six to nine inches deep, meaning one can spend less time cleaning ashes out of the Blaze King wood stove and more time enjoying the fire.

Blaze King has free-standing wood stoves available as well as wood furnaces. Some of the Blaze King wood stoves come with fans that will turn on and off according to the preset speeds. They can burn up to 90,000 BTU s and all models are approved for mobile homes. Blaze King wood stoves can be a great choice for anybody who is seeking a more cost-effective and efficient way to heat their home

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