Barrel Wood Stoves

Whether you are looking to heat your home or beat the chill at your campsite or cabin, you do not always need to throw down on one of todays more conventional heating sources. With a few key materials, some tools and a little know how, you can get all your heat from a steel drum or metal barrel.

Barrel wood stoves are becoming more and more common as a cheaper alternative to mobile heating devices or a sole heating source for smaller areas like barns or cabins. Double barrel stoves can also be created to more efficiently heat an entire home. On top of saving you money, the design can also call for recycled items from landfills, which helps reduce waste, while also saving you a few bucks in the process.

Today, you can buy many different kinds of kits to make it easier than ever to build your own barrel wood stove. These kits usually include the legs for your barrel, any pipes needed and the screws, hinges and other little parts you will need. That is not to say you will not need to pick up a few extra things but it will certainly be much cheaper than buying a pre-made wood stove.

Unfortunately along with the cost saving benefits of building your barrel stove, there are some negatives associated with these kinds of stoves. Barrel stoves throw out a large amount of heat, presenting a possible fire hazard if not created and maintained safely and making them much less safe than other alternatives. There is also the issue of more creosote build-up in barrel stoves. With this toxin lining the oil drum, it is harder to clean and maintain and the life of the stove can be limited. It is not the most planet-friendly choice either. Of course, even with these factors in mind, most people will continue to turn to this alternative for its cost-saving benefits and easy mobility.

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