Shaker Grate 40257

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Dimensions: 15" Long, 5-1/4" wide, 1/2" thick, 5.3 lbs. Male end measures 3-1/2", Female end measures 1". Replaces old part # 15-44


The Benefits Of Solid Fuel Furnaces


Solid fuel furnaces are simply furnaces that burn wood or coal to create heat and warm your home. These furnaces can be used in conjunction with an existing furnace to increase the warmth in your home, or can be used on their own to produce heat in a manner that is energy efficient. Wood is a renewable energy source, so using a wood burning furnace helps lessens your family's total energy consumption and can also help to save you money on your utility bills.


For a coal-burning furnace, a shaker grate is a necessity. The shaker grate 40257 allows the furnace user to shake the ashes from the furnace without having to open the ash door. This helps to prevent accidental burns when cleaning and working on your furnace. The shaker grate 40257 works in conjunction with several different solid fuel furnaces including the 1300, 1537,1537M, 1557, 1557M, and 22AF models. Also fits the VG1500 Norse wood furnace. This particular grate can also be used as a front or a back grate for the furnace in your home.


Many plans for more efficient energy usage calls for smaller furnaces and less heat in the homes of Americans even as winter temperatures hit record lows. Solid fuel furnaces allow you to lessen your total energy consumption without sacrificing the warmth of your family or the heat level in your home. With a solid fuel furnace, you are no longer reliant on oil and gas, which is expensive and in short supply throughout the world. The less you rely on substances that are produced by volatile nations, the more stable your home will be and the less money you will pay each month on your gas bills.


With a solid fuel furnace, you have the ability to save money as well as becoming more environmentally aware and energy efficient. Although the up front cost of a new furnace may seem high, the benefits far outweigh the cost and will repay you many times over the course of your furnaces lifetime. Include a shaker grate 40257 with your new solid fuel furnace and increase the safety of your home by decreasing the chances of accidental burns when performing furnace cleaning and maintenance.


This shaker grate works as both the front and back grate.


**Some models require two grates, check with your owner's manual.**

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