Ashley Wood Stove

Ashley Wood Stove

Why All Homes Should Have A Wood Heater

As temperatures dip and oil and gas prices rise, many American homeowners are turning to an Ashley wood heater to increase the efficiency of their heating systems and ensure that families stay warm through cold winters. Rather than increasing your clothing layers when temperatures hit record lows because you refuse to move the thermostat, consider the benefits of using a Ashley Wood Stove to heat your home during the cold winter months. .

Monetary Savings

The most obvious benefit to using an Ashley wood heater is the money you will save. It is less expensive to purchase wood to heat a home than it is to pay for the increase in your gas and electric bills when temperatures are drastic. Electricity has traditionally been the most expensive way to heat a home, and oil prices are increasingly more volatile and unstable every day, with propane gas currently as one of the most expensive fuels. .

Renewable Resource

Not only is wood less expensive than oil or gas, but it is also a renewable energy source. It’s tough to turn on the TV today without hearing about the dwindling supply of oil throughout the world. Homes that rely on an Ashley wood stove for warmth are in no danger of freezing even if the oil supply completely dries up tomorrow. Many homeowners are even able to harvest wood from their own land to keep their heater running efficiently and keep the temperature inside the home comfortable..

In order to keep wood available as a heating source, many manufacturers of wood heaters suggest planting a tree each year to make up for the wood being burned..


The final benefit to using a wood heater is the self-sufficiency your home develops. Rather than relying on oil and gas to keep your family warm, rely on a substance that can be found no matter what global tensions or oil supplies are like. Even with a wood heater, your home will likely still use electricity and gas, but you have the option to fall back on wood heating should all other options fail. In a catastrophic situation where your home stays warm due to your wood heater, your family will thank you for your investment.

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