Antique Wood Stove

Generally, antique wood stoves are used for decoration purposes, as well as for heating and cooking. Antique wood stoves are collection items valuable for some people. They can be used for decoration in restored homes, hotels or museums. Stoves from 1870's are available for purchase in antique stores and over the Internet.

There are different types of antique wood stoves available. Few of them are as follows:
Victorian Wood Stoves. Made of cast iron featuring a wood burning oven, generally used for cooking and kept in the kitchen. They are large and rectangular, often elaborately decorated, with silver and gold inlays complimenting the iron body.

Pot Belly Wood Stoves. Are shorter, smaller and are differentiated by their barrel-shaped body. Have a round oven in the center of the body. These stoves are usually less elaborate than Victorian stoves, but they are still decorated with engravings and designs.

Country Stoves. Are almost similar to Victorian Stoves except for the nickel highlights and clean, crisp casting.

Retro Stoves. Extremely popular stoves of the 1930s are simple updated version of above-mentioned models.

Cylinder Stoves. Because of their peculiar design, anybody can easily recognize them. While using very little floor space, they provide extraordinary heat.

Parlor Stoves. Beautiful stoves were the center of interest in Parlor rooms in the Victorian age, artistically designed with cherubs, mythological figures and floral designs. Other than providing heat, they were lovely pieces of decoration as well

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