American Harvest Pellet Stove Parts

American Harvest Pellet Stove Parts

Getting To Know Your Pellet Stove

When you buy a new pellet stove, it is important that you take time to familiarize yourself with the different American Harvest pellet stove parts. This will help you to correctly install the stove, and allow you to fully understand the maintenance and care instructions. Also, a basic knowledge of American Harvest pellet stove parts can be helpful down the line if you need to buy replacement parts or upgrade your pellet stove.

Basic Components

When you look at your pellet stove, you can probably identify most of the basic components. The hopper, where you will load the fuel, is centrally located and can be opened using the coiled handle at the front of your stove. Also on the front of the stove, you will find the damper control handle, which allows you to open and close the damper. The lower ash cleanouts are beneath the damper handle and provide easy access to the ash pan in order to facilitate regular cleaning. The exhaust cleanout is located directly behind the ash pan.

Interior Components

Inside of your pellet stove, you will find a burning pot, or the bowl where the burning pellets sit. This component has vents that provide oxygen to facilitate combustion. Also, inside the stove, there is a heat exchanger, which transfers the heat from the burning pellets into the clean air that flows into your home. An efficient and properly working heat exchanger allows you to heat your home without having to deal with a large amount of ash or other byproducts of combustion. The auger helps to clean out the hopper as the pellet stove is burning. Where the stovepipe exits the pellet stove, you will also find the actual damper, a round metal disc that allows you to control the exit of heat and smoke through the chimney.

Pipes and Ducts

When you install your own pellet stove, there are a number of other American Harvest pellet stove parts that you will also use. Each of these pipes and ducts has a specific purpose that ensures that the pellet stove will work properly and safely in your home. For example, if you are using the American Harvest pellet stove as a secondary furnace in your home, it is important that you use a duct damper that prevents warm air from the first furnace from flowing through the pipe towards the second furnace, rather than flowing through the ducting that goes into your HVAC system.

When you become familiar with the different American Harvest pellet stove parts, you will be more comfortable using the furnace and doing regular maintenance and repairs.

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