An outdoor wood stove is a stove kept out of home and provides heat through a boiler system instead of direct heat from an indoor wood stove. They are efficient and effective, as one may prefer to heat the homes with wood and without the inconveniences of more common propane, natural gas or electric alternatives. Following are the advantages of outdoor wood furnaces:

Multiple Benefits

An outdoor wood burning furnace offers immediate and long term benefits. Several heating options help to save a lot on the monthly bills. An outdoor wood furnace has the capacity to heat
several buildings at once, including a stand alone garage, a shed, or a higher-rated furnace and good insulation-multiple homes. Free From Fire Risks
Another advantage is for moving the heating source outside that eliminates one more fire hazard from the home. For better safety, one has to be sure to choose a model that has fail-safes for pressure, loss of electricity, and flash burning. A good outdoor wood furnace should be safer than many other heating sources, but a low-end furnace can expose you to unnecessary risks.

Improves Forest Health

Much of the wood needed for outdoor wood furnaces comes from trees downed by storms and trees with limited life spans. Harvesting these trees allows for new forest growth and may reduce the risk of forest fire.
No smoke, ashes or wood storage in the house.

Decreases Landfill Waste

Burning waste wood and reclaiming heat energy benefits the environment. The outdoor wood furnaces work with waste wood because of the large firebox and thermostatic control. When disposed of in landfills, the wood waste decomposes producing methane, another greenhouse gas.

Longevity And Maintainence

After installation, one has to be careful for its maintainence and long life. A low-end, poorly maintained furnace may last less than ten years. On the other hand, a high-end, properly maintained furnace can last indefinitely. Regular inspections and occasional cleaning makes the furnace free from rust and creosote which are the most important things for proper maintenance.

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