Wood Stove Accessories

Following is the list of accessories that are required for wood stoves.Cast Iron Grate

  1. Improves the burn of the fire while extending the life of the stove
  2. Raises the wood off the bottom of the stove
  3. Helps air circulate underneath the wood to feed the fire
  4. Allows ashes to drop through the grate creating a cleaner burn
  5. Protects cast iron base extending the life of the stove.

Lid Lifter: Used for removing stove top lids.

  1. All cast iron for years of service
  2. Tapered tip fits most stove top lids
  3. Convenient "V" opening in handle for easy hanging
  4. Curved design for ease of use
  5. 6-1/2" in length.

Stove Pipe Thermometer: Helps wood burning stove to operate more efficiently and safely

  1. Helps prevent over firing of your wood or coal stove
  2. Indicates when stove needs refueling
  3. Easy to read dial in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  4. Helps maximize your stove's efficiency.

Damper: Helps regulate burn rate in wood stoves.

  1. Fits all stoves with 6" flue pipe
  2. Cast iron and steel construction for years of service
  3. Spring-loaded pin keep damper secure
  4. Cool-touch spring handles helps prevent burns.

Heat Reclaimer: Turns on and off automatically, circulating warm air into the room from the flue.

  1. Reclaims lost flue heat
  2. Four heat exchanger tubes
  3. Circulates warm air into the room
  4. Thermostatically controlled
  5. Whisper quiet fan motor
  6. Steel construction for long life
  7. Black Matte Finish
  8. Decorative brass trim
  9. Use with wood or coal stoves.

Heavy Duty Log Cartr: Moves split wood from one location to other.

  1. Large capacity cart holds up to 50 pounds of firewood
  2. Large 10" wheels roll easily indoors and outdoors
  3. Heavy duty steel construction for years of use
  4. Weight balanced over wheels for easy handling.
  5. Front support prevents firewood spillage
  6. Attractive natural iron finish.

Piece Fire set: Functional and decorative set, for wood stove.

  1. Cast iron and steel for years of service
  2. Attractive satin black finish
  3. Includes Poker, Shovel, Brush, Tongs
  4. Sturdy rectangular base
  5. Overall height: 29.5".

Heat Grabber: Grabs heat from flue pipe to circulate warmth in room.

  1. Ten heat exchanger tubes
  2. Whisper quiet fan motor
  3. Thermostat controlled
  4. Soot scraper for easy cleaning
  5. Handsome pewter trim
  6. Circulates warm air into the room
  7. Steel construction for years of service
  8. Use with wood or coal stoves

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