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About us

The idea was simple. Gather a group of great people who are knowledgeable, hard working and passionate and create a single website where you could find the highest quality wood furnaces, for the absolute best price. So we did just that. Since 2006, wood-furnaces.net has been one of the leading and most comprehensive websites for everything having to do with furnaces and stoves. And though a lot has changed since then, the superior quality and performance of our products and our website haven't. The truth is, it's only gotten better.

Today, wood-furnaces.net offers you the best selection of some of the world's most trusted and popular brands, with more models and options to choose from than ever before. In addition to having a variety of wood furnaces available, we also offer a huge array of coal and multi-fuel/pellet furnaces and stoves if you prefer to heat your home with an alternative to wood. And because the way we've designed our site makes it possible for you to quickly browse through the many different brands and kinds of heating systems we offer, it's never been easier to find the right one for your home and family.

Along with great products, wood-furnaces.net also features the information you need to know when buying a new stove or furnace, especially if it's your first time. You'll find special services, how to guides and additional ways you can save money when buying an alternative heating system, like special tax breaks, and a lot more. We don't just want you to be satisfied with your new purchase, we want you to be satisfied with the overall experience.

Looking for a part? Wood-furnaces.net is a one-stop-shop for parts or add-ons too. We're always here to help you repair, replace, upgrade or install. Plus, if you're looking for a professional to help you with any of those things, we can help you find them too.

Of course, with the amazing variety, the very best brands, the unparallel customer service and the convenience of having one site that does it all, that should be good enough for us to feel proud of our site. But it's not enough for us. That's why on top of providing the very best in quality for your home, our people travel all over the country and scour the web to find great prices on furnaces, stoves and parts. Then they barter to lower those prices even more, so we are able to bring you and your family the very best price out there. You not only get the very best product, you get the right product with everything you want, at a price no one else can beat.

We want to thank you for visiting us at wood-furnaces.net. If you need to contact us for anything, please don't hesitate to call us at (855-302-9663). Our people are knowledgeable, friendly and eager to help you in any way they can.

From everyone here at wood-furnaces.net, make yourself at home by the fire. We hope you enjoy your stay.


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