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    Increase Your Heat And Decrease Your Bills

    Are you looking for a way to keep your home warm even while lowering the amount of oil and gas your existing furnace consumes? Are you nervous about Americas reliance on oil and gas from nations that are increasingly hostile toward the country? If so, it's essential that you do your part to decrease your energy consumption from these sources. It may seem like your only options are to completely overhaul your current system or lower your thermostat and sacrifice the comfort of your family. But many Americans are quickly realizing that they have a third option that can save them money and decrease their reliance on supplies like oil and gas. That solution is to purchase and install a Super Jack multi-fuel furnace that can work in conjunction with your existing heating system.

    The Super Jack wood furnace is an incredibly tough add on to your current furnace that burns wood and coal to produce heat without reducing your current furnaces efficiency. Although this add on furnace may seem like a large investment for the average homeowner, the lifespan of this furnace is much higher than the less expensive furnace add on options that are available. These multi-fuel furnaces have been made since 1976, and offer over a quarter century of experience behind the design and the manufacturing. This translates into a furnace that works more efficiently and lasts longer than the average furnace from your local discount store.

    The Super Jack wood furnace is simple to operate. Light the kindling with a match, set the thermostat, and the furnace functions automatically from there. Once the preferred temperature of the room is reached, the furnace will automatically shut down, and turn back on when the temperature gets below the desired point set by the homeowner.

    This add on to your homes current furnace is energy efficient because it burns wood or coal in order to produce heat. This lowers your utility bills even while keeping your home as warm as you'd prefer. As oil and gas prices spike and temperatures hit record lows throughout much of the country, every homeowner can benefit from increasing the efficiency of their furnace system with an add on furnace.


    Burns Wood or Coal*
    UL Listed and Tagged
    Firebox Construction 3/16 inch thick steel plate
    Round Firebox
    Cast Iron Door
    Uses 9 Inch High Fire Brick
    Forced Draft
    Not to be installed in mobile homes
    Not for sale in Washington

    Manufacturer Warranty

    1 year on electrical

    30 year pro-rated warranty on firebox

    If there is a manufactured defect on firebox, will replace for free

    Additional Information

    Product Manual

    Key Specs

    Item# SJ125
    Ship Weight 650.0 lbs.
    Product Type Furnace
    Heating Capability (sq. ft.) 2,500 to 3,000
    Mobile Home Approved No
    BTU Output 75,000 to 125,000
    Fuel Type Wood/Coal
    Max. Log Size Accepted (L in.) 26"
    Flue Collar Size (in.) 7"
    Blower Included: No Optional add on
    Thermostat Included yes
    Blower (CFM): 1460
    Full Load Run Time: 8-10 hours
    Door Opening W x H (in.) 13.5 X 13.5
    Stove Pipe included: No;
    Dimensions W x D x H (in.) 26.25", 34 1/2" 47"

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