Multi-Fuel Furnaces

Getting a new heater to warm up your home means you have to make a decision regarding which fuel source to use. Of course, you can always choose two with a multi-fuel furnace. For some modern homes, central heating units run via natural gas are the most popular, but these can be expensive, especially in colder climates where you may need to run heat for hours or days on end. This is why some people switch to furnace-powered heat, as it only requires the purchase of wood or coal fuels rather than excessive amounts of gas usage. Typically, when compared to standard heating options, multi-fuel furnaces, also known as a wood-coal furnace, can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your heating bills.

Another reason to use high-efficiency heating sources is the additional money that could be saved through tax credits. This means that, in some areas of the country, you could be getting credits of as much as 30% because of your choice to switch to a more fuel efficient source. This varies by state, but it is worth investigating if you are interested in making your home more environmentally friendly, as well as more budget friendly.

Other things to consider with furnaces, in general, is how often they will need to be fueled. Some are designed to take larger amounts of fuel at one time so that refilling is less frequent; others will have dual combustion systems so that as much of the fuel inside as possible will be converted into energy. This means more heat from each piece of coal or wood. It is also worth noting that multi-fuel furnaces, as they are designed to take multiple types of fuel, might not achieve the same efficiency because they are built to adapt to both types, which causes a small loss in some of the furnace power.

Still, the flexibility offered by wood-coal furnaces means you have options with the type of fuel you burn, and are still able to keep your house warm enough through the cold season while spending less compared to more conventional heating options. This is just one of the reasons more people are realizing the benefits of wood-coal furnaces for their homes. There are many multi-fuel furnace options online, as well as plenty of help in choosing the right one for you. Many companies that sell multi-fuel furnaces also have a customer service line, which allows them to discuss the aspects of coal and wood heating in more detail with potential customers.

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