Indoor Wood Furnaces

How Should You Heat Your Home?

There are numerous ways to heat your home and each has its pros and cons. This article will talk about the different types of heating methods to help you decide which on is the right one for you.

Gas Heating

Gas furnaces heat homes using either natural gas or propane. Many people like gas heating because it’s easy to control and very efficient. The biggest drawback to gas heating is the cost. Since you are handcuffed to the fluctuating prices of gas, it can result in large heating bills.

Oil Heating

Oil heating is similar to gas heating in that it’s easy to control and also very efficient. The good thing about oil heating is that it’s usually less expensive than gas. Oil furnaces tend to be less expensive as well.

Electric Heating

Very efficient and very easy to use, electric heat may be the easiest way to heat your home. The problem is that it can also be the most expensive. Unfortunately, it is sometimes the only option if you live in an apartment or condo.

Solar Heating

Solar heating can be a really great way to heat a home. Not only is it the most environmentally friendly way to do it, once you have it set up, you can save considerable money in the long term. The problem is setting up your house for solar heating can be very expensive. It can also be less efficient than the other options. Many people recommend using solar heat as a complementary heating source to cut down on bills and help the planet.

Indoor Wood Furnaces

Indoor wood furnaces are usually one of the most cost-efficient forms of heating in addition to being very eco-friendly. As an added bonus, indoor wood furnaces add ambience to your home. While most modern indoor wood furnaces are efficient, they may not be as efficient as other heating systems and will require daily loading of wood or coal, as well as upkeep and routine cleaning. If you only want to "push a button," an indoor wood furnace may not be for you.

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