Indoor Furnaces

Usually, an indoor wood furnace meets all UL and CSA standards for indoor heating appliances and is completely safe to install in the basement as well as a garage or workshop or other protected location. It produces an abundance of hot water.

The logs used in an indoor wood furnace are cheaper as compared to the steadily rising price of using oil or natural gas to heat your home. It also serves as a best alternative to consistently having to service and replace the many components associated with a gas or oil heating system. The only real maintenance on an indoor wood furnace is keeping it clean and thus free of any potential fire danger.

Indoor wood furnaces have an efficiency rating of 85% and depends on the stage of the burning cycle. Temperature reaches till almost 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and assures maximum gasification of the wood fuel. With this high heat, some of the particulate matter is left over to create smoke. One must hire a local contractor to install the furnace, as the warranty will remain intact this way.

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