Hot Blast Wood-Coal Furnace Parts

Having The Right Parts On Hand

Freezing winter temperatures don’t have to make your home uncomfortable. Having a reliable furnace that functions with precision and accuracy can ensure you and your family are warm and cozy all winter long. One way to provide effective heat that you can count on is with a hot blast furnace. A hot blast furnace preheats the air before forcing it through the air ducts, rather than heating the air as it is forced through the house. A hot blast furnace can be an accessory to a larger furnace or a standalone unit. Of course like any furnace need for maintenance and occasional repairs is necessary. Hot blast furnace parts can be found online or at a local retailer’s shop.

Common Hot Blast Furnace Parts List

Having spare parts on hand can be an expensive prospect, but you may want to consider having a few. It might be particularly pricy to purchase and store parts that cause the furnace to work, but being in possession of spare parts can help ensure a quick restoration of warmth and comfort to your home. A draft induction kit includes the following hot blast furnace parts:

• Forced draft blower

• Blower mounting plate

• Hex bolts

• Kep nuts

• Fan control cord assembly

• Fan control center

• Wall thermostat

• Blower limit control

• 73B wire nut

Installation Basics

If you plan on installing parts and making a furnace repair yourself, it might be worth your while to learn some basic installation tips first. Before making a repair of any sort, unplug the unit from its power source. This will prevent injury from electric shock. You will also need to remove the fuel supply before making a repair. This will ensure that you do not expose yourself or your home to dangerous fuel contamination. Another item on your to do list should include securing ductwork with cleats and screws. When you remove an old system you run the risk of old ductwork becoming loose in the process and falling completely off from the rest. In order to avoid this catastrophe, you should take a few moments to secure the ductwork first. The induction kit should be supplied with an instruction manual that provides more specific information.

Winter Comfort, Peace of Mind

There’s nothing like retiring to a comfortable home at the end of a grueling day of work or school. Children and the elderly are particularly sensitive to temperature changes, so in addition to keeping the adults comfortable, a good furnace can keep those at risk populations comfortable, too. Hot blast furnace parts are available online and in some retails shops, but it’s always a good idea to keep some on hand in the event your furnace goes kaput.

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