Daka Wood or Coal Burning Furnace

The DAKA Wood Stove Difference

Imagine heating your entire house with a single safe, inexpensive, easy to use wood burning furnace. The DAKA wood furnace provides all of this and more as a supplementary heating system for your home. DAKA is one of the leading producers of wood burning furnaces in the United States, and the difference is easy to see.

DAKA craftsmanship

Each DAKA wood furnace is built by hand in the DAKA factory in eastern Minnesota. That means that ever DAKA furnace is made in the United States using top quality materials and expert craftspeople. Heavy-duty welded steel makes up the frame of each DAKA furnace, specially designed to hold in heat and resist wear and tear and damage.

DAKA features

If you are the owner of a DAKA wood furnace then you are an owner of a wood burning unit with some of the best features in the industry. DAKA furnaces burn both wood and coal. The firebox on every DAKA wood stove is designed to hold multiple large logs, meaning that the stove can continue to produce heat for many hours, more than enough time to keep your house warm all through the night.

DAKA safety

DAKA wood furnaces are built with safety in mind. The firebox and furnace door are both made from heavy duty cast iron to prevent heat damage and warping. A built in thermostat controls heat from the unit, and a blower distributes enough warmth to heat an entire house. Even cleanup is safe and easy with a DAKA wood furnace. The removable ash pan keeps wood and coal ashes contained and makes disposing of them in a way that is safe for both the environment and your lungs simple and convenient.

DAKA warranty

DAKA offers one of the best warranties on wood burning furnaces in the industry. A five year warranty in the firebox and one year warranty on all other materials and components is the longest offered by a wood burning furnace company.

DAKA benefits

A wood burning furnace from DAKA can be a great supplement to electric heat. If you’re looking for a way to decrease your winter electricity or gas bill, then adding a wood burning furnace is a great investment. Depending on how high your bill normally is, the money you save with a DAKA wood furnace could easily pay for the cost of the unit and installation within just a few years.

Consider the difference a wood burning furnace could make in your home. DAKA wood furnaces are one of the safest and most efficient ways to begin heating your house with wood today.

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