Blower w/Motor-550 cfm (Series 500/600 Models)

Blower with Motor-550 cfm (Series 500/600 Models)
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Put your trust in when looking for replacement wood furnace parts, like this Blower with Motor-550 cfm (Series 500/600 Models). This name-brand blower is equipped with a high horsepower motor that delivers air with force. It is dynamically balanced to provide smooth and quiet operation. Noise and vibration are held to a minimum to maintain CFM at higher static pressures. Motor has factory sealed ball bearings along with cast aluminum end shields for greater heat dissipation. This results in less maintenance and a longer service life. (This replaces former #63610003 - 500 cfm blower). Features DAKA Furnace Models 311, 411, 511D, 521, 521FB, 611D, 612D, 621, 622, 622FBT, 812, 822, 912 (Model number is on data plate mounted on front or back of all furnaces). This blower is the standard blower for most current DAKA furnace models. If you purchased your DAKA furnace within the last 10 years, this is the replacement blower for your DAKA furnace. Outlet opening on blower housing or opening on back of DAKA Furnace equals 4 1/4" H x 5 1/4" W .

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